正岡 弘文

Since its founding in May 1996, the company has been making an effort together with our employees, we aimed to provide “safety and reliability” against nature. This year marks our 33rd year of service.

In recent years, as a comprehensive consultant with Survey and Geological Survey Design, we aim to respond to changes in the social environment. We are working on infrastructure conservation projects aimed at “securing safety and security”. By providing standing outcomes, we have earned high praises from our clients.

Our company’s mission is to contribute to the development of the region while improving the lives of our employees through our business. We understand that this is our contribution to the society. We will continue to contribute to society through the development of our company with the trusted technology cultivated by the people and nature toward the achievement of the management philosophy of “quality of technology (proposal)” and customer satisfaction (trusted and secure). We will provide services (community-based) and develop business within Shikoku. We need good human resources to develop our business. In Kyoritsu Engineering Corporation, we are searching for people who will be one with us in harnessing our career plans.

Kyoritsu Engineering Corporation hopes to establish a fresh start as we move to our new office on July. We will continue to challenge new fields more and more. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

Hirofumi Masaoka

July 2017
Kyoritsu Engineering Corporation
Representative Director, President