Message from the Representative DirectorMESSAGE

Kiyoshi Yoshihara

 Kyoritsu Koei Co., Ltd. is a group company of EJ Holdings, which is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and has celebrated its 35thanniversary.

 At the time of its founding, it started mainly with geological survey work and surveying work, mainly in Ehime prefecture, but now it is set in the Shikoku area, with the slogan “community-based”, design and inspection to protect the safety and security of the land. It has grown into a general construction consultant which also provides compensation services.

 The construction industry is faced with an aging population, a declining working population, frequent occurrence of large-scale natural

disasters, aging infrastructure facilities, the need for countermeasures against the new coronavirus infections, work style reforms, DX (digital transformation), etc.

Faced with these challenges, the needs for general construction consultants arebecoming more sophisticated and diversified.

 To that end, we will continue to work on the following:

・Executives and employees work together every day to achieve the corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through the development of the company’s business with the trusted technology nurtured by the people and environment.”

・ Conduct surveying research and design to prolong life of corresponding infrastructure facilities affected by disaster, disaster reduction and disaster prevention by enlisting the services of a Systems Engineer. To cope up with the digital transformation, we avail of UAV equipment and LiDAR to process three-dimensional surveying. In this way, our company hopes to achieve an edge from other consulting companies.

・ In order to create a vibrant company, we will actively develop human resources and make capital investment to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve quality. In addition, we aim to establish a work-life balance, secure necessary human resources, pass on technology to the next generation, and aim for a corporate culture where opinions can be freely expressed.

 After 10 years of operation, we aim to belong to the top class of local consultants based in Ehime Prefecture. A company which hopes to develop new initiatives, work on the improvement of the lives of employees and continue to contribute to society.

 We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

August 3rd year of Reiwa
Kyoritsu Koei Co., Ltd.
President: Kiyoshi Yoshihara